Suzhou Ebiomall Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Ants rush, speed up, biological medical research supplies easy to buy! is the only cross-border procurement platform for biological and medical research products in mainland China. The platform is operated by a number of experienced biological people and IT people, B2B. The ant Amoy B2B model refers to the customer purchase intention in the ant search Amoy global supply information, to find the right product orders in the ant Amoy, Amoy overseas buyers and ant cross-border procurement, transportation to the port of China, finally by the ants Amoy domestic team customs transport to customers.
Ant Amoy provide "genuine security" and "price check tool", "time limit will be reached," the recent mission to fight "and" special spot "and" 1 yuan auction "," shopping "seckill panic buying" polite "," all business "and other services, is committed to optimizing resource matching, simplify the purchase to speed up the process of commodity circulation speed, reliable data and create life science activities online trading ecosystem health.